Top tips For having a good flight

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is important during your flight. The air in the cabin isn't humidified, which leads to that all-too-familiar parched feeling. Then keep drinking water, about 8 ounces (0.2 litres) every hour or two, while you're in the air.

Bring Hand Sanitizer

Airplanes have lots of surfaces that everyone touches like armrests, tray tables, overhead bin handles... A simple preventative measure, like a hand sanitizer, can help keep at least some of everyone else's germs out of your system.

Top tips For conquering your fear of flying

Find Your Triggers

The first step to conquering your fear of flying is to single out what scares you so much about flights. Then, acknowledge your fear so that you can start to work through it.

Sedate Yourself

Nothing relaxes you more and makes the time fly by faster than going to sleep. It can also be good to use sleep aids and herbal fixes like melatonin to avoid jetlag and keep your schedule on track.

Learn How Planes Work

Do some research. The more that you know about how planes work, the less you will worry about flying. Learn about turbulence. Instinctively, it feels terrifying, but it’s not really that scary when you understand it.

Carry-on essentials To take on every flight

Daily dedications

Always putt medications in your carry on as you never know what might happen to your bags. It might go missing for a few days, leaving you without important medicine. It might throw a wrench in your plans, making you skip out on planned activities when you arrive.

A scarf or sweater

Even if it’s the dead of summer and you’re sweating in a tank top, bring a scarf or sweater with you on the plane. It’s better not to need it than to sit there shivering with only the airplane blanket to keep you warm.

A good travel pillow

Most long-haul flights will offer you a blanket and pillow so you can get some rest. Even though the blankets are more than suitable, travel pillows from the airport never seem to offer a suitable level of comfort.

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